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hey guys so today we’re talking all about the loafer so in a few of our previous videos we mentioned different types of loafers as an essential for those certain occasions so our spring essentials had some tassel over some penny loafers some drivers which are all considered loafers and

today we’re just kind of break it down and kind of give you a sense of what outfit is meant to be worn with each of them and how to pair them with an outfit so basically your loafers kind of like the most casual of the dress shoes until

you get up to like a velvet opera pump which is yeah which is the tuxedo and super super tux tongue stuff pinky up yeah this is a loafer is really spring/summer like casual chic exactly except for the velvet they’re velvet you’re wearing them with the tux if there

are any other material you can pretty much get away with jeans shorts and a suit okay so we’re getting started first with a leather loafer so first this is always a staple we always include this in about three or four of our videos this is something that I

personally would wear with denim I would wear it very casual but make the outfit like I guess seamless so wear a blazer denim shirt probably like this outfit actually how’d it work yeah you know there you go yeah this is something this these right here by Gordon rush

made in Italy quality mate shoe I think these are my current faves yeah I mean they’re gonna look great with a suit they’re gonna look great with jeans I don’t know if I would ever go the shorts route with these ones because they’re know it’s a little too

old Manish I think yeah I think stay away from shorts does that beef make to JFK yes right but hey JFK was JFK was a man’s style Legend so next we have actually two pairs of suede tops tassel loafers first the these blue ones from Paul Evans which

are probably one of my favorite shoes I know I’ve said before I’m not really a loafer guy but these are one of my favorite pairs of loafers okay can I just say I think you’re colorblind cuz these are great there’s a blue because it definitely Grady these are

blue are they yeah you’re colorblind are you sure yes okay well let’s settle the debate blue or gray is the dress purple or gold I’d comment below these are great these are definitely blue anyways these blue tassel loafers are some of my favorites I wear them with suits

I’ve worn them with denim but not still a dressed up denim like denim and ablaze are not really casual because we’re talking about suede suede loafers tasseled you would think they’re both the same type of shoe but they’re very very different things these are more dressed up right

more classy I think these are definitely like I could rock shorts right really laid-back jeans and a t-shirt jeans and a t-shirt I actually you know recently what rock them would jeezum t-shirt and you know it’s almost like a sneaker this is like your sneaker of the loafer

kind of right yeah we have one coming up for a sneaker but I think I think it’s the stitching around here like the contrast stitching that makes it a little more youthful a little more casual right not so dressed up but still killing it in a suit you

know yeah yeah definitely I mean I you can wear a more relaxed suit than I think you could wear with these great ones yeah but um yeah either way you need to have a suede loafer yes that’s probably actually in my book the first loafer I would buy

because I already have you know leather dress shoes and I’m gonna go little from it go a little outside the box and I would go suede first yeah yeah I’m my first low for it was also sweet it was actually these I had these for four years now

just a man shoe so these right here you know look about just the men they’ll range you anywhere from 80 to about 120 and that’s on the higher end check them out these are four years old I’ve taken them all over the world up next probably the actual

sneaker of the low price a driver like this is gonna replace you’re running errands sneaker like once you get a little older you know you need to graduate from that pair of pair of vans or Chuck Taylors and run to the grocery store and some drivers yeah yeah

I mean I call these like a dad staple every dad has to have at least one pair of these drivers yes and honestly before probably two or three years ago I absolutely hated the way these looked like could not stand drivers I thought they were like they look

terrible I didn’t understand what these dots on the back for but obviously because they’re called drivers so they don’t dirty the back of the suede shoes that you’re wearing right yeah so it makes a lot of sense it’s very functional and once you put a pair on you’ll

realize how freaking comfortable they are so I’m converted yeah I mean I mean difficult difficult history with them you know normally back when these were invented they weren’t used out in the street they were specifically used for the car so they wouldn’t leave the car you would go

in with your leather loafers take them off put on your drivers drive home after you got off you would put back on your leather loafers and leave those in the car so they were absolutely named the drivers the driver the driver yeah so when you got a boat

shoot what do you think those are for hmm people who name shoes get very creative obviously loafers when you’re just loafing around yeah I mean so yeah we have another loafer suelo for the driver and we also have and this is kind of like a hybrid I guess

of like a leather loafer you know you sometimes you they have like a horse bit or some sort of metal closure up here which gives them a little bit of high-class but these ones have a rubber sole so you got that grip like a little bit of a

boat shoe box right away I thought they were both shoes but they’re not they’re they’re like a driver without the actual little ball right he’s a cool dude really cool said driver with no balls but anyway yeah these are I’ve been I wore these just a Cabo last

week as you can tell just the cobble and a very tan and you know these were the perfect vacation shoe they’re super comfortable they look classy they’re not too casual or dress down and I think honestly I think once these get worn in like in some good creases

to them they’re gonna look even better definitely definitely yeah I mean these are clean I feel like perfect perfect shoe for summer dude like if you don’t want to look very laid-back but you want to have a little bit more class in the feet so most guys I

mean most guys who are just getting into the shoe game the usually skip loafers because they feel comfortable wearing them I recommend you at least have one parallel for you know if I could do one pair I think of the shoes here I would choose these because they’re

more the most versatile when you do wear loafers most people won’t wear socks we recommend wearing no socks that’ll preserve your shoe yet again no shell socks George advocates no shell socks he wears them all the time all day long shell socks but they will preserve your shoes

in the face but no shell socks a real preserve your shoe I’ve worn them every single time the past four years for these and these so yeah yes social socks and last but not least I have a surprise Wow close your eyes my eyes are closed can open

them now no you can’t open up you better not be your dick in a box don’t open up my hand sit and sit down for a second all right open them up whoa swims what do you think elections big fan huge fan do you guys know about swims

we actually just got these in the mail recently and when I talk about a perfect pool day shoe this is Vicky dip size until 6:00 now they’re yours sadly they didn’t have my size I’m so pissed either dope but so basically these are a hundred percent waterproof you

can wear them like in the water out of the water King room in the water yeah they drain out but they look like loafers yeah these are like so you could even rock these without the water right they have a nice ventilation system to me there’s no other

loafer like a swims no fur there they’ve been they’ve had this technology for quite some time and nobody’s even come close to doing what they’re doing I didn’t even know he was bringing these and I already know about them because you’re like freaking awesome they’re the only ones

that look like cool like grill loafers yeah yeah I know like everything else looks a little too like kid tiny this is a total boat shoe you mean this is a total low for a total you know anytime you want to wear loafer dude call actually I’m curious

comment below if you guys would wear these hell yeah like cuz I’m I’m a huge fan of them and I think they look super cool for you know being a waterproof it’s essentially a water shoe no yeah so but it’s better so that wraps up our video on

loafers you know leather loafers suede tassel loafers horsebit loafers drivers swims check them all out we’ll have links to them down below comment below which ones you would rock or which ones you guys already own and let us know what videos you got guys let us know what

videos you guys want to see next in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe thanks guys [Music]