The White Sneaker – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – Tennis Shoes

(majestic music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston.

I’m a celebrity menswear stylist.

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This video is part of my men’swardrobe essentials series.

I wanna talk to youabout the white sneaker.

The reason why I prefer white is because it makes any outfit look sharper, and it allows you to not have to think if your shoes go with what you’re wearing.

Major bonus.

There are three things that women look at when they first meet a man in this order of importance.

First, his face.

Second, fingernails.

Maybe we’ll pause around the belt area, but then we go straightdown to your shoes.

I can tell a lot abouta man just by his shoes which is why I wanna talkabout the white sneaker.

If you’re reticent about white sneakers, I get it.

A lot of my clients and my friends definitely at first are a little freaked out by them.

They think they’re either too bright or that they’re gonna be so difficult to keep clean.

As for them being too bright, I promise they’re not.

It just takes some getting used to.

Especially if younormally wear dark shoes.

I’ve got a little bit of homework for you.

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It’ll take you to my article.

Scroll down to the outfitinspiration section, and you’ll see photos ofguys wearing white sneakers.

Now, tell me, send me a note, email, anything, tweet.

Tell me those sneakers look too bright.

I don’t think you will.

As for keeping themclean, it’s really simple.

Every once in a while, just take a wet rag or a magic eraser andgive them a nice wipe down.

Please keep your shoes clean.

It says a lot about a manwhen he has dirty shoes.

So don’t be that guy.

High tops versus low tops.

For a foundational piece like this, you’ll wanna stick with a low top.

High tops, leave ’em for later.

They’re sportier.

They definitely won’twork in as many situations as a low top would, and also, high tops, they tend to create this weird bunching around the ankles of your pants.

So, should you go with leather or canvas? Well, it’s really up to you, but I definitely prefer leather because it’s easier to keep clean, and visually, it just adds just um, a nice, sharper touch tothe rest of the outfit than what canvas would.

All right, so I have Michael here to help me demonstrate the different ways you can wear your white sneaker.

So starting off with the first look, I have him in this awesome burgundy TopMan bomber jacket.

This pima-cotton blackt-shirt by Armani Exchange, and then the jeans that he has on are by J Brand.

It’s their Tyler fit which isthe slim fit jean for them.

And then finishing off the whole entire look, I have theseawesome white leather Jack Purcells by Converse.

So I’m gonna change him into another look.

Give me one second, we’ll be right back.

(upbeat fast music) Okay, so now we’re back.

I have Michael in a more dressed up outfit with his white sneakers.

So starting off, we him in this really great navy sport coat by Burberry layered over this awesome grey cardigan by Brooks Brothers withthis white dress shirt and brown belt also by Brooks Brothers.

And we still kept him in the same jeans by J Brand, and finished it off with those white leather Jack Purcells.

So let’s get him in thethird and final look.

We’ll be right back.

(upbeat fast music) All right so we have thethird and final look.

I have Michael in this really great black polo by H & M as well as these awesome navy H & M chinos, and we switched out those last sneakers for these white canvas sneakers by Vans.

So those are some of the different ways to wear your white sneakers.

For a casual shoe, they really are my absolute favorite, and they definitely are an essential that every man should have in his closet.

This video is part of my men’swardrobe essentials series.

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All right gentlemen, I’llsee you in the next one.

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