TOP 10 Classic Sneakers of All Time!

what’s up everybody I’m Seth Fowler and today I’m counting down the top 10 most classic sneakers every year we get tons of brand new sneaker silhouettes trying to cement their legacy as one of the most classic sneakers of all time and as the years roll on it gets

harder and harder for brands to create brand new unique and iconic sneakers so because we’ve just started the brand new decade the 20s that’s crazy to say I decided to count down the top 10 most classic sneakers of all time so far if you’d like to check out

any of the shoes that I talked about in today’s video I’ve left links to each shoe in the description below but without further ado let’s jump right into the list number 10 the Pumas waived classic originally released back in 1968 the Puma suede classic has cemented itself as

one of Pumas most iconic sneakers the shoe is elegant and simple and as the name would suggest it’s covered in suede the Puma suede classic comes in a ton of different colors so no matter what style you’re going for you can probably find a pair of Pumas weights

to match one of the most obvious details of the shoe is the Puma logo that runs down the mid-foot of the sneaker usually in a white leather even though it’s a logo it really gives the shoe its unique feel and without that logo it just wouldn’t look right

the Puma suede classic is surprisingly comfortable because of its well padded tongue and it also has a textured rubber midsole and outsole there’s really not much else to say about the Puma suede with this shoe it’s kind of what you see is what you get and what you

see is a pretty good looking sneaker and like a lot of the other shoes in the list the reason this shoe is so popular is because of its lower price point you can grab a pair of Puma suede classics right now for around 65 bucks number nine the

adidas superstar for over 50 years the adidas superstar has been one of their most popular models the superstar is also really well known for being worn by a lot of athletes and musicians if you were around in the 90s or early 2000s I’m sure you can think of

at least a couple most colorways of the superstar feature full grain leather with those very recognizable serrated Adidas three stripes and of course you can’t forget the iconic superstar shell toe the textured rubber shell toe wraps up from the midsole of the sneaker to the toe for added

durability and just because it looks cool this year adidas actually launched a special campaign to pay homage to the classic sneaker in fact they sent me this crazy package with like this glass screen that you got to check it out there’s a link at the top of the

screen and just like the last sneaker on the list the adidas superstar comes in at a sub $100 price point of 80 number eight the Vans authentic I have been a huge fan of Vans for years in fact I actually worked at a van store growing up from

age like 16 to age 18 I think and the Vans authentic is truly one of the most classic vans you can buy in fact it first came out in 1966 this is an essential sneaker silhouette this is one of the shoes that everyone should have at least one

pair of and I’m pretty sure that this shoe comes in pretty much every shade of any color that’s ever existed the shoe features an uncomplicated durable canvas upper with contrasting stitching it’s also got a vulcanized midsole and a waffle sole rounding off the bottom if you’ve never heard

the story about how the waffle sole became a thing you’ve definitely got to google it it’s really interesting the Vans authentic is a pretty comfortable everyday shoe that’s easy to rock with anything and it comes into even more comfortable price of 50 bucks so even if you destroy

your pair right out of the gate or you decide that you want a second colorway of the shoe you can actually grab two pairs of these for basically the price of a lot of the shoes on this list number seven the Air Jordan 3 the Air Jordan 3

is one of my personal favorite sneakers on this list and of course it’s Michael Jordan’s third signature sneaker it’s also the first Air Jordan model designed by iconic sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield and is actually the reason Michael Jordan stayed with the brand apparently Michael wasn’t a huge fan

of the Air Jordan 2 and then when they brought in Tinker Hatfield to design the Air Jordan 3 he saw the concept and was so in love with it he decided to stay the shoe originally released back in 1988 in four different colors and each one of these

colors featured the now iconic elephant print because of just how good the Jordan 3 looks and also because of the history the Michael Jordan made in this shoe it’s one of the sneakers it’s always gonna be on people’s radars not only does the Air Jordan 3 look good

but Michael Jordan also made history in this shoe cementing it as one of the most historic sneakers of all time and even decades after its original release the Air Jordan 3 is still one of the most sought-after jordan models ever made unfortunately unlike some of the sneakers that

we just talked about it’s one of the more expensive shoes on the list and usually retails around 190 bucks number 6 the adidas Stan Smith originally designed for the tennis court the Stan Smith has become one of the most popular tennis sneakers of all time named after the

famous American tennis player Stan Smith this is one of those rare shoes that you can dress up or dress down because it just looks like it fits in any situation the Stan Smith features a minimal leather upper with perforations on the mid foot that formed the adidas 3

stripes even though it’s such a small detail one of my favorite parts of the Stan Smith is the green heel tab at least on the classic colorway of course there are other colorways with different colored heel tabs the Stan Smith also usually features a leather sock liner which

can feel a little bit sweaty at times but really makes you feel like you’re walking around in a premium shoe the shoe features Stan Smith’s face on the tongue and also the adidas trefoil logo on the heel and you can actually grab a pair right now for the

not so premium price of 50 bucks number five the Nike Air Max one as you probably guessed the Nike Air Max one was the first Air Max hence the name Air Max one the shoe first dropped in 1987 and was designed by Tinker Hatfield one pretty interesting piece

of history about the running sneaker is that this was actually the first shoe to feature visible air meaning that this was actually the first time that Nike featured a cutout in the mid foot of the shoe showing off the air unit in the heel tinkers original idea for

these cutouts was actually to allow the air unit in the heel to compress a little bit more when you stood on it because it had more space to expand the visible air unit also happened to work out as a great marketing tool for the cushioning setup and to

this day the Air Max one remains one of the most popular and coveted lifestyle running sneakers on the market and it still comes out in a ton of different colorways and features a lot of different collaborations the most popular colorway of the Air Max one is the original

white and red colorway it’s simple but it’s elegant and it really pops the Nike Air Max one also doesn’t totally break the bank with a retail price of a hundred and fifty bucks number four the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star the converse allstar first debuted in 1917 as

just an athletic sneaker and quickly became one of the most popular basketball sneakers of the time in fact people were playing basketball and chucks up until the mid 70s the Chuck Taylor name was actually added onto the back of the shoe in the form of that rubber patch

in 1932 and of course it was named after a professional basketball player Chuck Taylor and the reason he was so significant to the converse brand is because he went around the country teaching basketball clinics and selling converses originally chucks were only made in hi tubs but around the

60s they decided to start adding in a low top variant of the shoe and actually if you would like to grab either of these shoes I’ve left links to do so in the description below now in 2020 chucks are such prolific sneaker you can find them in pretty

much every style and color and of course you can also find them in pretty much any price point number three the Air Jordan one the Jordan one was Michael Jordan’s first signature sneaker and it released near the end of his rookie year in 1985 the shoe takes a

lot of design cues from the Nike airship which he played in in the beginning of his career and as of right now the Air Jordan one hi is one of the most coveted and popular sneakers in the market over the last couple years it’s actually rare for a

pair of Air Jordan ones to sit on shelves and ever really go on sale if they all pretty much sell out which if you think about it’s kind of crazy for a shoe the first released in 1985 if for some reason you’re not a fan of the high-top

variant of the shoe you can find the Jordan one in a low top and a mid top version but let’s be honest they’re not a school of course you can’t go wrong with a classic colorway of the Jordan ones like the Chicago’s the breads the royals the shadows

but it will be somewhat difficult to find a pair of those for a decent price but the reason that I love the Jordan one so much is I feel like it’s the most well designed sneaker ever made every panel and part of the shoe just works together so

nicely it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that came together perfectly it’s also an incredibly popular sneaker because of how versatile it is you can wear it on the court you can wear it to a formal event maybe you can wear it for skating you can wear it with your

hypebeast outfit you can even wear it to work at least most jobs like a lot of the other shoes on the list the retail price for the Jordan one has risen pretty steadily over the last few years and right now it’s at about 175 bucks number two the

Vans old-school even though the old school is called the old school it’s not the oldest pair of vans ever released in fact it first released in 1977 I actually think the Vans old school is my favorite style events I love the Vans stripe on the side of the

sneaker it really adds some nice contrast to the shoe the Vans old-school comes with a suede toe and a suede heel and also a canvas mid foot panel unlike the Vans authentic the old school actually features some padding and so in my opinion it’s more comfortable it still

features the vulcanized rubber midsole and the waffle outsole and because of that it’s got excellent traction especially on skateboards the Vans old-school is the quintessential everyday sneaker and comes in at a retail price of around 60 bucks number one the Nike Air Force one growing up I’m sure

you had a pair of Air Force Ones they were one of those shoes that everyone had originally debuting in 1982 as a basketball sneaker the Air Force one was the first basketball shoe to feature air and even though the Air Force one was originally designed for basketball courts

it incredibly popular for both lifestyle and everyday wear not only is the airforce one an iconic style but it’s come out in a ton of different variations in almost every single color you’ve got high tops you’ve got mid tops you’ve got low tops you’ve got Special Forces variations

you’ve got huge collaborations like the off-white Air Force one Lowe’s tons of different versions to choose from for every price range the most popular version of the shoe is definitely the triple white Air Force one low it’s been worn by pretty much every celebrity ever the F one’s

clean minimalistic style and smooth leather upper really made this a shoe that you could wear for pretty much any event and to be honest I actually think the F one low is one of the most comfortable shoes on the list and right now you can actually grab a

pair of Air Force Ones specifically the low top version of the shoe for about 90 bucks but that pretty much wraps up the list of the top 10 classic sneakers of all time now I would love to know your thoughts on this list and whether you agree with

it or whether you feel like I left some shoes off the list so let me know in the comment section down below and again if you would like to check out any of the sneakers that I talked about in today’s video I’ve left links to do so in

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