Top 5 Men’s Shoes For 2018

heyyou i’m suppr d menswear stylist ashley weston today i’m going to show you my top five shoes every man should own in 2018 number five a pair of chelsea boots so i recommend going with black or dark brown and you definitely want to go with leather over suede

for your first pair because suede has a tendency to get dirty very easily even if you Scotchgard it so only get those other colors and suede versions after you’ve already added these in your closet now I’ve been pretty critical in the past about chelsea boots because there are

a number of factors like your body type and what clothing you’re wearing them with that you really have to nail in order to successfully pull them off so for instance your body type if you are a stockier gentleman someone that is not athletic you want to avoid chelsea

boots because they’re gonna make you look like Humpty Dumpty with tiny little legs and a big ol around body instead you want to go with a chunkier lace-up boot because it’s gonna help balance out your proportions from head to toe I’ve listed a couple of my favorites in

the description below number four on my list is a pair of retro running sneakers so these are making a huge comeback this year and they’re offered in a ton of different colors so you can really go nuts with them I have these ones here by New Balance which

I really like because it has a clean silhouette and so it’s a much more refined take on the trend and I love the colors that they offered because they pair easily with the rest of your wardrobe now a big bonus and one of the reasons why I chose

these ones specifically is the knit upper so it really feels like you’re wearing a pair of socks so they’re super comfortable number three leather chukkas so brown and black chukkas are always gonna make my list year after year because they are an absolute necessity you should have them

now if you already got a pair of leather chukkas then definitely go with some suede ones i like navy tan and now these ones by Johnson to Murphy really stood out to me because the quality to price ratio is fantastic so I’ve done a whole other video about

boots and the best ways to wear them so I’ll link that in the description below for you to check out number two on my list is a pair of oxford dress shoes of course these have to make my list just like the chukkas every man should own these

they’re an essential item definitely pick yourself up some in black and brown to cover all of your bases so I’ve got these ones here by Allen Edmonds they make some of my all-time favorite Oxford’s I’m always going back and forth between a cap toe like I have here

or a plain toe because they work in the exact same outfits so it’s really up to your preference now I’ve done a whole other video dedicated to Oxford’s so I’ll link it in the description below so before we get into my number one pick if you’ve been enjoying

this video be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel for more videos like this and hit that Bell icon so that you get notified every time I upload a video okay so numero uno top dog this year is a pair of white low top

sneakers preferably in canvas although leathers perfectly fine so these are always a great pick because they are super affordable yet timeless I’ve talked about them many times in the past but these ones particularly are by Piaf flyers and I really like them because they have like a classic

60s silhouette and I really love the blue detailing which is why they’re my number one pick this year so you can check out my picks as well as related videos in the description below thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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