Uniqlo U Spring Try-On HAUL | Men’s Fashion | Parker York Smith

hey everybody Park New York Smith here welcome hope you’re having a beautiful day first and foremost what do you guys think of the new do got my haircut last night I’ve been wearing that same style for so many years I just wanted to try something a little bit more edgy a little bit more unique there’s enough here I can still kind of stand it up but let me know your thoughts I’m kind of pumped on I just recently picked up seven pieces from the new Uniqlo u spring/summer collection if you’re not familiar with Uniqlo u it’s from Uniqlo and it’s like they’re it’s Christophe Lemaitre designs it all the pieces this time are like really boxy and flowy and oversized they’re so comfortable and amazing I can’t wait to show you guys we’re gonna quickly run through all those pieces and then I’m gonna throw together a bunch of different outfits with that stuff so whether you support it or not over size it is definitely the way of the future it is coming back in style in a big way so these pieces are really affordable so if you’re kind of looking to just kind of dip your toe in it sort of dabble in the oversize thing Uniqlo especially the Uniqlo you stuff it’s perfect for that up first we have these khaki colored wide leg elastic waist band trousers they are so flowy and comfortable for me they land a little bit short of my ankle so they end up being cropped I got a size medium because it’s a32 a33 thanks to the elastic and I love these pants the other pair of bottoms that I got are these black stretchy elastic waistband trousers they are also a little bit cropped a little bit wide leg not quite as wide as the brown pair but I really really enjoy the feel of these and you can style them in a ton of different ways next up is this burnt orange crewneck sweater very simple very casual piece but it’s perfect for early spring I’m really really feeling this color right now and I’m gonna be styling it over things under things on its own you name it next up for the tops I have this horizontal striped boxy fit t-shirt it’s like a burnt orange and cream color really really stylish and interesting not something that you’re gonna see everybody wearing it’s a pretty bold piece especially with the way that it’s cut really boxy but it’s really fun during the spring and summer when it starts to get a little bit warmer and you want to be a little bit more bold with your t-shirts because that way you can style them just with a pair of pants and complete an entire outfit as I’ll show you shortly this next one is kind of a nice mix between a shirt and a jacket jacket shirt jacket whatever you want to call it I think it’s called the hunter jacket but I really love these pockets right on the front there and then it has these larger button closures so it’s almost like a western-style jacket but it’s very lightweight so you can layer it over a shirt as I’ll show you or you can wear it on its own and finally I have two different pieces of outerwear up first is this unbelievable trench coat absolutely love this the color is really cool it fits very boxy and oversized which I really enjoy and it’s really great because all those outfits that you’re wearing with an overcoat during the winter time you can wear with a trench coat during the early spring pretty much throughout the entire spring and look extremely stylish and last but not least is this linen blend black blazer very lightweight I wish you guys could reach through and touch this because it is so soft and nice and when it on it layers really nicely falls really nicely but it’s also so light and breathable that you can wear it on a really hot day and still look extremely stylish and not be overheating because sometimes for me I like to wear long sleeves I’m in that mood so going with a light linen blend flat fabric like this it’s an easy way to do that without sweating all the way through your outerwear okay so I’m gonna put on the pants and then we’re gonna build several different outfits individually sols start with the brown pair and then we’ll go with the black bear okay so at first the basic tee with the stripes and the brown pants as you can see they’re a little bit oversized and as you guys know I like to go add and took the corner of my shirt we’ll do a Chuck Taylor high top because it’s gonna fill that area of the cropped pants very easy but also extremely stylish spring outfit you can do just this and then for the days when it is a little bit cooler throw on the trench coat with it and it fits within the color palette of the outfit but it also adds an extra layer on the outside you can also throw this hunting jacket hunting shirt over the top and it works really nicely and now with the sweater you can keep things very casual just like this very simple with the sneakers but what I would do is go with some boots like this to add a little bit of dressing as to the outfit but not so much so that it feels uncomfortable now moving on to the black pants you can see they fit somewhat similarly to the brown ones but they’re just a little bit slimmer they’re definitely not skinny but not super flowy I’m gonna tuck my shirt in cuz I want to show you guys when you combine the pants and the jacket it’s not sold as a suit but it can end up being this casual really fun suit look especially when you add in the horizontal striped shirt underneath I really like this in terms of shoes just do a simple white sneaker [Music] and then when you add a light piece of outerwear like this jacket over the top the fact that you get that extension of the piece over your waistline very vintagey but very cool and now throwing on the sweater with the black pants it gives a little bit more of a dressier vibe than the brown does but you could even ditch the sneakers and go for like a black chunky dress shoe like this and then this by itself is a totally respectable very stylish outfit you can then combine it with all of the other stuff and make it look really nice all by the fact that you just switched your shoes out and you’re going with a sweater which is going to be obviously a little bit more dressy than a t-shirt a little sweaty doing that it’s warm in here so there you go guys seven pieces from the new Uniqlo you line really really loving the fits on these they’re oversized they’re flowy they’re fun they’re stylish they’re current if you’re interested in trying to push yourself outside of your comfort zone go check this stuff out cuz it’s crazy affordable designed like this when you go look on mr.

Porter or wherever are gonna be crazy expensive so having the accessibility to stuff that looks this nice and feels this good at the price point that it is is really nice let me know down in the comments which one of these you enjoyed the most if you would style yourself in these or if you’re just not into it at all I want to hear the honest truth thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed today’s video hit that thumbs up subscribe if you’re not already tell a friend about the channel appreciate you see you on the next one bye you.