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I’m Nathan I’m manager I’m from Australia my name is Mandy I’m in charge of the social media here I’m from Singapore hi guys I’m kitchen I’m Tree Lankan I’m creative marketing my name is Alex I’m come from China I mean charge of cells gcw to me is family passion about sneakers home away from home a group of separate nationalities of people all joining together here to be influenced by like shoes culture street wear and everything like that what’s going on war brand-new episode of I click on your screen I’m your host George killed and I’m here in Melbourne Australia my man Steve or kicks TW Steve what’s going on man how you doing I’m great I’ll come talk straight up yeah thank you thank you now we’re gonna get into the store kicks TW but first we have to tackle this sneaker collection you have we have to go at these two cases right here you have some stuff in here that I have never seen before which one should we start well probably start from over there the Tinka three black summit this was assigned by tinker emailed in Austria this pair of Ray Allen it’s a sight sturdy it’s signed by Ray Allen in China involved his tour we’ve got some shoes here that not many people know about it but I think is cool stone Island New Balance and then we also got the inter Scott Simon Falls I’ve only got a collection of about 40 pairs myself so for me it’s all about quality I only collect issues or wired issues that I really like I finally got these in my size so what did I brown eyes then we also got this section of the origins so this is a very recent one at Inca threes with removable soosh Oregon falls see these already started to peel off but this happens with every pair when start work come across these two shoe in my size I extremely hard so it takes me over two and a half years LeBron to Oregon just a crucial great in a collection moving down here these are above the most expensive Air Force one ever released the retail price was the two thousand dollars it’s made in Italy this is real crocodile skin I believe it was under 120 pairs made worldwide these are the section on a car I don’t really know the names so every time I have to look at a label to remind me with the names that was a sample made for fragile I believe in 2006 when he was attending the Australian Open so they made the Karachi to k5 in a low top moving down to the bottom we have the hyperlink back to future this is rare than the Air Mag even a new airbag I believe 20 30 pairs made the Nike logo on the back glow-in-the-dark all the sparkles around meets all the glow-in-the-dark now we’re gonna pause the video for one quick second and we’re gonna let you have the floor to display what you have on your feet that’s the concorde samples from 1997-1998 but something special about these is what’s on the back so I’ve seen collectors have this shoe in their collection but I haven’t seen anyone actually put them on feet I picked up these I’ve been asking contacts for a pair of size 9 all over the United States and no one had a pair and one morning I woke up well my guy just hit me up female got your size 9 I paid over 20 grand for those so on top of the section we got this Travis Scott Jordan fall I’ve seen people with their pet but I haven’t seen anyone with the full side and the difference between that pair and that pair is that got sparkles on the back and these stars that have the sparkle in the back so this was the sample made for that shoe and amatuer is slightly different as well undefeated for 2017 2018 color is great a lot of people didn’t like the material because it’s more like a new back rather than a sweet comparing with all the release but for me this is more wearable shoe Carhartt I mean I’m doing full as a great sight sitting together with the ankle force moving down here legend of summer tall and once you’ve seen this in a camera before Soulfly drone and once this is the new college piece these are the Miche can go and force I believe they did a bunch of new piece but personally this is my favorite color I think it’s the most wearable color as well these two shoes are all them when I started my sample collection so I have to move down to that section that’s a pair of Columbia drilling holes something special about the shoe is it doesn’t have the punch hole on the side and it has a printed jump down here the whole car of the shoe is very different in the release paper and I had two pairs of these this got me into the sample world shout out to silently pack 23 volt moving down here a few more jams we have the totaling 11 bread but these are not your normal bread these are the reverse patch from k sample so this shoe is a sides three and a half I believe most likely this is made from Michael Jordan himself the patchwork is reversed normally the patchwork should be inside the top but this is the outside I have a special section here because these were the LeBron sevens they’re made for different City for five different cities in the States and they’re made for three different cities in China and one of the cities my hometown so that was there is Shanghai yellow was here is Shana which is my hometown for those who don’t know is located in the northeast of China all the shoes here is all about a Nike swoosh that’s why I have a section alley with a ninety suit that’s always totally gone so I only keep the upper but I thought it would be cool as a display also I have over here the word the dawn biker dunk I speak 12 pairs in the world the only pair of size 9 half is sitting in Melbourne Australia over here are some shoes that’s special to me these are cloth so clot is a Chinese street fashion brand and hunting down this truth isn’t easy this was released over ten years ago this pair was signed by Kevin poon the owner of a clock he was in the store about a month and a half ago and he signed a box Kidrobot you’ve seen this before my favorite part is the insole a small part of a collection of supreme I’ve seen these boxing gloves going for crazy money I don’t personally own this this work inside by good friend of me at the shop and I street people call this the Burmese ice tree above the rarest supreme accessories the basketball I think brand new ones of those was anywhere between five to six thousand US dollars even more now you also have shoes kind of sporadically around the shop so I’ll start it off with both of my favorite shoe the Chanel ferrell collaboration as Mara variable and it’s super super comfy we’ve got different sections on the wall on the very right hand side it’s the whole Dragon Ball Z collection and then you see some of the adidas shoes that you don’t see every day these are called RD color this was released back in 2004 so came in with Kermit the piggy and then there was also a white shoe that you can use your pen to draw on it that was I think one of the very first concepts that a sports brand had of the Y of your own over here I have some of the dunks these become super rare and all the supreme dunks and on top of that is what a dunk I can’t believe how much people are paying for those at the moment and the Heinekens on top it’s much higher in a dunk collection some of the Air Force Ones we have you just don’t see these gems in every other store the swoosh list Air Force One the retail price was $279 when they released back in the day it’s a very expensive shoe this was a Rachel of the older snakeskin I believe this shoe got really really popular because of the Asian influences work and his Addison Chen he is my idol my childhood idol so part of the inspiration of the shop is because of him I learned all the fashion brand the streetwear brand through watching his videos over here we have the classic Jordan 11 section and then we’ll have some Jordan 6 stolen fives fragment Jordan ones disappearing every episode I believe but the amount of money that people paying for these right now is crazy we have the l5 section here I hooked up a few people in the States over here we have a special female section you see all the shoes here are quite small we not only have the dollar one which was a popular model but also got back Jordan 10 Jordan 13 he got game aka panda girls love this shoe this has evolved the shoes are talk about that I haven’t seen many people talk about it in episode it’s the revenge song super wearable I think the concept behind the shoe is amazing you know how babe star sort of use the same designer for Air Force One so in corner thought that was cool so he used the model of bands and now it’s super sought-after over here we had the full side of Colby fade to black and the best part they’re all in size not Hawaiian so it’s my size black brown 8 South Beach crazy story about these this is my favorite eye brown shoe even comparing to the what the LeBron line I love this better I had a pair of size 11 in this as my very first pair as you know I’m size 9 9 huh I have to wear three layers of socks for the issue but I did it so we have a little bit of design and shoe collection it’s part of the shop nice nice and over here pretty much is the entire Yeezy adidas collection right yes you all know the edges there’s nothing much I need to say about adidas but I think it’s more about this section right here the easy ones and then we’ll come down to energy tools I came across this shoe this year I had a chance to purchase them for many many times in my size but I need up passing on but I’m glad that I finally caught them down in a size 9 all right Steven amazing collection but now I kind of want to get into kicks TW this shot this is your Sharpe is writing in Melvin tell me about kicks TW how it started and give me the origin of the name so start of the name it just kicks and icw I see W stands for my name Stephen way we started in 2014 when I was still in uni so I had to do the business as a part-time and then moving to 2016 I graduated from uni and opened the very first shop in Oakley which is a suburb of Melbourne there’s no foot traffic I was in a factory area we have to rely on social media to get people coming to the shop I believe it was the products in a shop that really attracts people that traveled 20 30 even an hour to the shop so outside of I’m Nam for undefeated for already Tinka threes and those friends and family Travis called Foles everything else is for sale now you mentioned to me over the phone we talked diems quite a bit give me some of the inspirations of kicks STW so you were part of my inspiration to be honest I was watching an episode every day I was like I want some only shoes appear in a video to appear in my shop so that makes you unique I want a shop to not only make money but also make friends so this is somewhere that people come I enjoyed the time it’s more like a platform for people and that’s another reason why most of the things in the shop is for sale another key point about kike cw3 part over here is the shop fitting as you know there’s no lifts in this building so everything was hand carried up including the motor back the crazy heat lockers crazy heavy this is a 21 days project that was totally designed by me managed by me with about 20 builders it’s a short period of time but I’m very proud of the result this is our second time in Melbourne first time came for a big time collector here Michael fan actually shops with you give me the community and culture of the of sneakers here in Melbourne and and how you and kicks STW play a big part most of the regular people in Melbourne they not only caring about their shoes but I also care about what pants to match with the shoe and what tops to match with shoe and even the jewelry’s funny story about the necklace I’m wearing today little pup was he mine store a few days ago and I dress him up we it’s the necklace and he loved it I bought this necklace for myself I loved it I bring to Melbourne and I sold hundreds of pieces to all my customers I want you to give me the story behind these bags here my friend from you okay shipping this pair of Ermac with a special packaging it’s the original packaging from eBay has a UPS label on it says Hill Valley and has all the original labels placed on a box he keep the packaging everything nicely and I told him you must protect the box because it’s part of the collection he shipped me triple boxed with everything and the time the passo arriving in the stall I was not here my stuff didn’t know anything I forgot to tell them about it so they just passed on the box to the rubbish guy in a building and the second day I have to chase around the rabbit sky around the building to find my box back but lucky I found it back now there are two different things I want to show you in a shop these paintings on a wall as you can see this was done by my homie DG way he has pulled every influencer of the sneaker game on his painting it’s crazy how he come across all the details it might be very small but you can see my homie Pujols kicks over there and you can see LeBron James there you can see here Oh Shi over there in a black grandpa and now this art here tell me about this so I believe part of the inspiration of this painting was the last Dino so he replaced the figure with all the important players in a sneaker game or in a street wear game so you see here all XI they’re conning the ID ascension there cause over there me go far out everyone that he can think of now I’m gonna pass you off to my business partner Chris aka shoe shoe he’s gonna give you a bit of insights of the business Stephen here is what we call the face of the business but you guys have a pretty unique story on how you guys they give me their story oh my gosh they are linear sonyeondan ha ha become a nightmare by dr.

sugar sure yeah ha ha terrible point on hundred you came an adultery idea but really I Drusilla hand what you are all jealous and we’re innovation the whole here I can’t sing like a hawk vision yeah hey Sal hope we’ll make it into college essay yeah ha go check on how you’re elegant you homo dominant to that 2030s describe your role here at kicks STW what Roger Roger and he here kinetochore how funny the corner shop how beautifully here come warranty on each other now Steven you what do you guys see kicks STW in 3 years 5 years what are your goals for the future of kicks STW fishermen with a mantra p.


you can’t remove your kisser or woman just beware the wall ah oh yeah woman come to a sugar bomb chaos you can stop don’t really cool either you give me a quick list of the brains that you guys have in here women your way long go fight the halls of fame to here babe Rahab Yoshida Nagar Palika hum water a TR way her Italy the CL today I’m a daughter like 180 Aleutian you know new are converging keep much easier to model vocational know when you pay for Sonia and some other when you’re lost Journal you’re showing you got one either you pass do it geometry like well either from where I’m gonna go – your horse out con how the tree promoting your Chinese part so where can we find kicks STW online social media yeah our your scrum is okay i ck s KW our website is kzkzw o cont’d are you and our we try to it’s all facial ki c KS TW but there you have it two shoes my man Steven we appreciate you guys man you guys are doing a wonderful thing here in Melbourne appreciate you having us you [Music].