Weekend Tech News Review #17 – Mi Men’s Shoes, Oneplus 7,Google Photos, Oppo Reno & More

hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome you to no video of potato Choji this is the time of the Sunday and on Sunday we talk about the top news in the technology world which has made the buzz into the Indian market over the last week so without wasting time

let’s get straight in the video what a week it has been we have seen that top launches from the top companies and some of the new features have been introduced into your apps and into the Indian market so the first Sunday which is coming up is from the

Hawaii p20 Pro and the Hawaii 30 it has been launched outside of the Indian market by the Indian market we’re going to see this phone in the month of April and if I talk about this one is coming with your query nine eight zeros processor is coming with

Rio 40 megapixel a camera setup plus 20 megapixel off plus it megapixel a triple rear camera setup on the back and on the front we’re able to see that tear down notch yes is this a coming up with your pocket camera or any kind of a punch or

tennis coming with the traditional tear down notch and the front camera is being supported by the tech 2 megapixel if I talk about the special feature of this phone this phone is coming with Gio wireless charging up to 40 volts and if more talked about the more about

this phone and the price is being especially being taught about it’s approximately around 1000 euros and 1000 euros approximately unity market frames around 78,000 so let’s see in the month of April at at what price range this phone is going to launch into the Indian market so the

next update is coming up is from the show me the show me has outpaced our man Meena v2 has been lead over the YouTube and it’s the double folding phone has been lead over the YouTube from the show be and it shows that the folding phone is just

not a way the folding phone it will be a double folding phone which will be done as for this delete video and we hope that this is the actually the show-me foldable phone so let’s hope in the future were able to see what kind of phone actually been

launched from the show me so the next ability is coming up is from the oneplus the salmon case has been leaked over the net and that’s per this Li ke which is showing right now in your screen the pop-up camera is going to be your front camera on

this one plus seven the same pop up camera we have seen in the vivo b15 and then the Oppo phones so let’s hope that this pop up cameras will be the same which was seen in the oho and Beaver Falls and if I talk about the rear camera

the rear camera will will to see that triple rear camera setup so a unique design and something new from the word press we’re going to see in the month of May so the next update is coming up is from the YouTube the YouTube Music app has been lost

previous to previous week but now if ever mp3 stored on your phone you can simply use your YouTube Music app to play that music but how you can use that if you ever mp3 just press it I was going to India file manager on your phone and once

the option comes that bit from which player you want to actually listen to that music you can use this YouTube Music app and can play your music right now on from your phone so let me know in the comment below whether you’re still using the YouTube Music app

or any kind of google play music or your traditional any kind of app which will be provided by your device so the next update is coming up is for the digital marketer so who said on for the online marketers now if you search anything kind of app in

your App Store I just talked about your Apple App Store only now you’re able to see that top ads from your in your Apple App Store like suppose searching for your any kind of a photo and if I search for any kind of photo ID with the organic

listing over the Apple App Store now able to see an ad on the top the same kind of end which was saying in your mobile Play Store as well so the next update which is coming up is for the Google Photos now you can scan crop and can

do wonders to your any document which are scanned using your Google photos now this feature is available in the Google photo vision we talked in the last year in the month of way from the Google i/o event now you can use this feature right now in your Google

photo app you need to update that F right now in your phone and with this crop and just feature now your documents look more kind of a scanned image only so the next update which is coming up is from the mi the a my shoes that my headphones

and the mi USB cable to even actually USB cable is going to be saved from the 4th of April if I talk about the shoe price the shoe price is approximately going to be around three thousand rupees and my bluetooth headphones is approximately around 1500 rupees and the

USB cable is approximately around 150 to 200 rupees so let me know in the comments below whether you are interested in buying Amba and my shoes or not so the next update which is coming up is from the Oppo Renault the operand of case has been neat over

the net and as for the case you can see that is going to come with a unique pop up camera not adjustable camera a sliding pop up camera sort of thing is going to be offered from this opal Renault so let’s see in the month of April that

what kind of phone we are going to see from this Oppo random so the next update is coming up is from the Motorola the Motorola g7 and the Motorola one as we know she do in t’market and if I talk about motor g7 is coming with your sunrise

632 it has a 12 plus 5 megapixel camera set up on the bank another friend you’re getting the 8 megapixel camera if I talk about the price you just kind of zoom the price the price is approximately around Savi thousand rupees and at that 70 thousand rupees we

have many much better faults which are available from various companies so I don’t recommend anyone to buy this Motorola phone if I talk about the Motorola one the motor one is coming with your son 9625 it has a rear camera setup of 30 plus 2 and on the

front you’re getting the 8 megapixel camera and if I talk about the price the price of Motorola one is maximally around 14,000 rupees overall the design is very much unique and that’s it I don’t recommend to go for any size where I want to buy the Motorola phone

just stay away from smoker or phone you have many other options from the 1907 Pro or even the latest of which is going to launch the month of April which is that by the name of real bitch we pro just stay away from this little branch so the

next ability is coming up is from the word set now if you forward any message to the Watson group unleash was showing this the forwarded messages but now if you frequently forward that message to many groups it will show as are frequently forwarded message yes on the top

you were able to see that it is the frequently forwarded so let me know in the comment below whether you still able to see only the forwarded or you are able to see this latest update bitches by the name of frequently forwarded so the last of day which

is coming up is for the real me Pro devices the real me to pro the real me you one the real me see one and the real me one device all these phones are getting the mash update and is this a big there’s nothing too much talk about

is just that your security patch is going to update with your March that’s it nothing more new nothing new feature nothing no night vision nothing it all this kind of a base your G can your nightscape mode everything will be coming with your color OS feature which is

going to be available with your Android 9 Android pi and which is going to be launched by the july 2019 so that’s all from this edition of the weekly tech news so if you like this video give a big thumbs up don’t forget to share this with your

friends and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for such interesting videos and I see you in the next one