this is risky League what our man I’m with jumper man Chris not only other back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they’re beasts all right so this is it’s the Travis Scott ESPYs this is what all the hypes about and he’s listening to offers right now he wants 14 Canadian divide that by one but carry the 1 over equals 2 plus 4 1050 right yeah yeah sure I guess just you guys you guys fresh Heat Vancouver appreciates it well we might work out a deal this is not yours all right no it’s a buddy of mine okay we might work out a deal because I’m really looking for these man these are the SP that people are going crazy over I think only mainly skate shops were getting these things especially in the u.


not sure how Canada was it mainly booty Georgia skate shops skate shop so-so skate shop owners they had all they dictate exactly how they’re gonna do it so that’s what kind of made a hassle didn’t come on sneakers on the sneakers ABS which is kind disappointing but anyways I really like these things even though I’m not a big high beast about these what else but then come on money real quick how much 1415 what one two five you like 1, 450 1, 450 yeah all the size – yeah I have us we have us money you can take us I try figure this out how am I gonna transfer the money to him what do you mean fourteen fourteen hundred Canadian yeah it’s how much that you would send I got 1, 000 all right so we’re here at sneaker Con Vancouver what is good you know what I appreciate y’all Bengkulu Mitchell he mad love seriously dead ass I am man I might become Canadian swear swear swear lock my ancient peoples out here man I appreciate y’all anyways we’re here Steve call Vancouver my first time in Canada boys we’re here in sneaker Conn the first New York on of 2020 I’m so excited I feel like I’m finally back I’ve been me back to senior constants LA so I’m super sad to be back to New York on man I love coma Synchron you guys know how it is man the BIOS is always nice it’s like it’s like you meet up with some people you know you know what man it’s like it’s like family like Pharrell like all the benders and all that we’re all like family like just old relatives we haven’t seen each other down to business so you guys know what came out today was the Travis Scott ESPYs looking for those things he was one a lot of kind of expensive it’s a little much so might not get here Vancouver because I think people more like 17 Canadian which is turned out to be like 15 American or fourteen I can’t do math somebody that’s a little expensive but there’s someone that shoes I’m gonna look out for too as well like the easy basketballs I want those for the off-white fives come on what those two as well just so many heat come out and I just I just want and just gonna see we can grab hopefully want to save a life today though so that’s another agenda [Music] anyways so no s B’s I do like these so 1000 Canadian yeah what’s that US that’s like seven just the thing about being here Vancouver I’m from United States so I don’t know what the Canadian money is but it’s a firm yeah firm kind of like didn’t get very many pairs so it’s pretty firm you they are getting trouble if I bring it back from customers 1000 Kinane so I did cash out [Music] there’s a Canadian monies we’re to me so different hey buddy legit check right you want to appreciate it well thanks so much are you gonna tell your that’s why I Jerry there we go follow from Vancouver so makes you guys fall them out follow him appreciate you bro I’m gonna get it checked out I’m sure I’m sure legit I’m actually kind of excited that I got the the Quantum’s from Vancouver Canada you know what it’s actually a little bit cheaper than it is on than it is here than it is in the u.


I believe us it’s like 800 and then here in Canada is like 750 so actually kind of save a little bit of money here even though it’s Canadian because there was like a thousand Canadians Oh round it off with two over the table anyways we’re gonna get this checked real quick get my tags and if not I gotta go back up there they had the same own life have you seen these before how much better for you how much one when are the Canadian 300 bucks Oh sympathy is it a basketball these are the records regular ones max would like to check these the size label make sure it’s consistent to all Easy’s doesn’t change throughout the easies so for the 353 eighties 700 they’ll have pretty much the same size label they don’t you made these I haven’t seen one yet I want to see what your pairs okay so I’m going based off what I know but you look they look good to you yeah I haven’t seen my beads before that done save a life make sure you guys always always get your parentage it checks because you just never know out there always get looked at checked no matter what it’s just it’s free you get this dope ass freaking tag here so make sure you get it legit shouts oh my god Eric as always he be saving my life to you so much porfavor we should got my pair appreciated from Vancouver appreciate appreciate fresh eat makes you guys following him so yeah I don’t know how is that I made a deal wish I could do it before the show just cuz it look like the show it just started so these these are beautiful because either these are the off whites Espie straps which I’m still looking for by the way anyways I tell you legit check the cash [Music] sorry not Canadian but there was a paper oh no 1000 Canadian that divided by 1.

3 coming I don’t think I haven’t even seen these in person yet hey chill chill Jesus hi so one thing about Vancouver man it is mad crazy pack there there is a sneaker culture here in Vancouver and this is way more prudish is proof that the culture is here man that this the sticker industry is here is it that one thing I did know is about Vancouver let that much inventory how will believe man I think you guys don’t get that much stuff but yeah it’s gonna come it’s gonna come [Music] this is risky League what a man with jumper me there hey we a stick together I’m over Kentucky aubriana state all day he’ll take my bike [Music] you go to all these growth I was like I got a secret [Applause] would you be down for an interview a little bit today he finally got he’s legit here bro I saw you looking happy looking happy now congratulations bro that’s pretty much it for Vancouver sneaker car man I just wanna say shouts to all the love out of here in Vancouver I appreciate y’all man thank you guys so so much seriously I did ask thinking about becoming Canadian for real I love it out here for love man coober appreciate all the love out there man seriously really respected hey guys guys on my own please hit that thumbs up subscribe first time here comment down below and please hit that bill for all the notifications when I do drop bids okay I don’t get the foam yet all my social media at jumpin Chris on IG subs I’m on Twitter okay snapchat please.