Women wouldn’t last a month in men’s shoes

if women were really treated the same as men they’d killed themselves they’d kill themselves they wouldn’t last they wouldn’t last a year there’s just no way the stuff that women complain about the stuff that women get emotional over the stuff that women stress themselves out over and I

say stress themselves out I don’t say get stressed out over I say stress themselves out because 90% of women’s stress and emotional turmoil and quote unquote anguish is really just self-inflicted they stress out over shit that is inconsequential that doesn’t matter okay like Oh somebody’s hurt my feelings

has said something to me today or a guy looked at me weird on the subway like it’s you there’s just no comparison if you look at a man’s life and a woman’s life if there’s no comparison men have learned how to not give a fuck what somebody says

about them or if somebody looks at them funny men have learned because it’s it’s stupid we get it we get it all the time we just ignore it it doesn’t help us to be worried about that but a woman is worried about that because women are 95% ego

men can’t afford to be egotistical there are egoistical men out there and ironically women love those men and chase those men and they think all men are like that when in reality that’s not even what what they mean when they say all men are like that what they

mean is all the men they chase after are like that because that’s the men they choose to chase after that’s how nonsensical and and just crazy women are in their mentality the guys they chase after the egotistical narcissistic selfish megalomaniac men that they chase after are all men

quote unquote to them because you want to know what if you’re not like that if you’re not Mystikal narcissistic man they don’t even think you exist you’re just another beta boy you’re just another nice guy that they’re gonna put in the friendzone if you’re normal if you’re a

normal guy you see you see how crazy and backwards women are and then they want to say all men are narcissistic and they’re all toxic and it’s toxic masculinity after you get hurt by five guys who just used you for sex because that’s who you are attracted to

because your nature is so fucked up that you don’t want to be with the normal regular guy and don’t and I’m not even saying the normal regular guy is beta he’s not us normal guys we all gotta go Mick tau was we’re too honest we’re not narcissistic enough

we’re not bad-boy enough we all got to go a MIG tau because they because they don’t want us if you’re not a Chad ten out of ten bad-boy narcissism but a womanizer then Europe then you might as well be a a loser beta White Knight it’s like there’s

no difference and the guys who did transition over into being a loser beta white and I they’re just the weak guys they really are the betas because they think oh I’m gonna agree with her I’m at how many times do I have to agree with her before she

sleeps with me yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m a FEMINIST yeah yeah I I believe women are oppressed I support you yeah you’re right everything you say is right kiss kiss me kiss me kiss kiss her feet kiss her feet do I get sex now and these betas simps

they come out of the woodwork online whenever you say anything bad about any woman anywhere even if it’s the most truthful bit of information even backed up by evidence even backed up by an actual circumstance that happened like they’ll come out of the woodwork to defend these wretched

horrible women that’s how fucking cuffed and brainwashed and just yeah these men have no souls anyway I mean women would not they would not lie just imagine having to actually go work having to actually not get everything handed to you hat having to actually live by accountability and

responsibility and not actually you know blaming everything on a man or I mean this is why these women go crazy when their Instagram accounts get deleted because that’s all they have is the manipulation that’s all they have is the money from the simp saan they’re only fans the

pornhub tips that’s all they have what happened to the real working woman she doesn’t exist anymore not to say women don’t have jobs but I mean this did this whole social media thought re has become an epidemic not only do we got single moms out there who are

using a misusing and abusing the welfare system in the state the state has replaced a man even though I don’t even like to say that a man’s job or his duty is to provide for a woman because that gets manipulated and we get used and manipulated that way

which is a trap in and of itself because she could just divorce you and then get half your shit and not even have to sleep with you which many many many women have taken advantage of divorces at 60% you like them odds buddy you’re gonna sign those papers

you like them them divorce odds some say some studies are even 75% as high as 75% and of course three out of four marriages are ended or the ending of three or four marriages are initiated by women it’s a grift you’re being taken women are there living in

la-la land they are absolutely living in denial they’re absolutely not living in reality and yet they walk around and still feel like they’re oppressed they are the most privileged beings on the earth they get things handed to them for free constantly left and right they don’t got to

pay for drinks they don’t got to pay for dates they don’t got to pay for life if they want to marry a man with money they don’t got to do anything they just sit back and spread their legs of course they got this evil smirk on their face

of course they got this evil smile because they know they know men will bend over backwards to do anything for them and this is what we’ve let them become we’ve let them become that this is what happened when we gave them freedom they wouldn’t last a month they

killed themselves if they were a man first of all they wouldn’t get any any validation they wouldn’t get any attention because men don’t get any validation we don’t get any attention are you kidding me yeah unless we’re ten out of ten Brad Pitt celebrities rock stars we get

no attention we don’t get women looking at us ugliness coming up to us and telling us we’re hot chasing us down to talk to us hitting on us buying US drinks paying for dates buying us $5,000 engagement rings taking us on vacations paying for our college tuition paying

for our rent buying us cars we get none of that this is women in the West and yet they still act like they’re their oppressed they still believe that they’re being oppressed I mean this is lunacy absolute lunacy it’s unconscionable how crazy this is the craziness why wouldn’t

men walk away from that what do we have to gain Oh a little bit of pussy a crumpet of pussy a crumb of sex that’s what we that’s what we have to gain from years of pain and years of toil that we got to go get a real

job and work and and then women complain I read something that you know I read a meme the other day that said a woman was breaking down and crying because she had to work a real job and it was stressful like oh you poor how’s that taste of

equality that’s what men do and we don’t complain about it because if we complain about it we’re considered feminine if we complain about it we’re called pussies we’re told the man up it’s our duty it’s our job to provide for women it’s it’s it’s the manly thing to

do right break our backs we have heart attacks at 60 because of stress and women still aren’t thankful they still say were pigs in word and there’s rape culture and we’re all we want is sex and we’re all just scum scummy men they wouldn’t last a second they

wouldn’t last a month as a man