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[Music] I’m ki kasam the Picasso of kicks I’m an artist in downtown LA taking the most popular shoes and turning them into the most custom one-of-a-kind well you probably already know the biggest athletes and stars come into my world to talk about sneakers and life so that I

can make them a single pair of shoes representing exactly who they are as people hanging out with them is amazing but nothing is better than seeing their reactions when I deliver the goods to the hills go check out Molly Moll learn about his history and what means a

lot to him he’s got a pair of kicks for me to do my thing on so we’ll see I go by the name of Ali’s mom I’m sure you guys heard of me I love shoes just set peas and machetes and Louboutins and Versace I saw her get

my swag collide one with Coco so I’m excited about bringing that flavor and making the masterpiece this is gonna be amazing man holy Wow it’s like the whole edge of the block oh my god my baby what’s up man thank you for inviting me to your house it’s

a pleasure man thank you coming and doing this the first thing I saw when I walked in it’s just the overall just style I like the whole royal vibe you know the old antique looks so dope man let me show you around lovely you know saying this is

like more Versace room we call it the Sachi room all this marble stuff I really love it I come from Egyptian Brazilian background so what would a fair amount ancestors have and I look at this stuff right here I love it the Burgundy’s the Gold’s my mind is

already reeling Picasso aka Choi he’s a very talented individual I’m just excited to take some of the energy and add it to my whole shoe vibe it’s gonna be amazing you know we got the red carpet over the studio so when you go to this – you already

feel like a star this is a dope vibe it’s the colors in here I kept them kind of vibrate I like this that’s one of my cats they’re called carols vehicles are inspired by the Sphinx cuz they got the ears like this banks absolutely I’ve got the Egyptian

stuff locked in there’s no trace of my heart like oh sorry let’s do it come on come into my room yeah that bed albro is the king of two queens because I’m an IJ already myself that’s amazing this is the battery movie plaque number one another billboard Tyga

driving back that’s my Drake record that was his first number one ever I’m just so impressed with how much you’ve had your hands on in the world let me show you my closet Wow the high end vibe in this closet is off the Richter scale man appreciated so

much I would say I had close to four to five hundred pairs of shoes total it sounds like a lot but believe it or not I don’t know it’s very unique these are Versace those are some of my favorite pairs right here these are about $4,000 pair what

would be like your favorite colors like bright colors what do you think colors would be with right would be like for example these sparkly gold and say these are just Happy’s they’re gold but I’m a big fan of Buscemi’s too so I wanted to do something different cuz

I know you haven’t Sammis yet we flex stars or something Egyptians we were fated with the Stars maybe we can have like a starry night almost like things yeah that’s you kind of run with it but I was gonna tell you what I want you get remixed yeah

absolutely I have a special request what’s that I have I’m doing something special tomorrow no no we’re these okay can we get these back tomorrow this whole 24 hour turnaround is really important to me because he’s like the next rizona we’re all staged absolutely I’ve never missed a

deadline bro you can do it click to get these done in 24 hours this rock I just got back from Mali mauls house what a great experience that was guys the character the house is amazing I got a lot of good ideas everything at Molly miles house was

Egyptian high in antique the Louboutins and everything that were in his closet have spikes on them glitter all of that stuff so I want to incorporate those kind of things into the shoe as well just to kind of tie in his love of everything flashy look at these

these leave it these feel expensive I think the retail on these is like 900 bucks [Music] everybody saw his house like it’s gold sparkles glitter laser beams the outfit they had on with shiny gold and that’s the way I want these shoes to pop I’m putting blue here

because the Pharaohs headdress classically has the shiny blue almost like a sapphire blue and that accents the gold really well I’m definitely time crunched because I have to get these over to him by 4:00 o’clock anything from a man Molly Moll Molly and I talked about kind of

like starry universe epic theme because you know the Egyptians are known to ten thousand years ago they were you know talking about astrology and stuff like that so this is why I wanted you back this is a trick of the trade that many people don’t know white marker

a little dab’ll do you we have a galaxy I honestly want to scratch the Pharaohs I want to do the cloth the mummy cloth I just completely changed my mind and put my beard in the paint we have to adjust the design so I’m maximizing my time with

the amount of detail that I can put in it I constantly work under deadlines most of the time it’s not as short as the next day and that’s why we’re gonna do the mummy wrap instead of an actual like detailed barrel we covered the Pharaoh on the front

with the headdress so let’s get to it a lot of you guys might not know this about me it’s not only about shoes my background is in cars and you see this machine right here my buddy Jack said kakazu this thing out this is not just a Porsche

this is a gt3 custom to the max twin-turbo 1200 horsepower you know what he told me Picasso I want you to go ham and now it’s time for me to do my thing color and art is gonna be the key word yellows pinks purples blues my dad was

a car paint and that’s where I learned how to do farce so after shoes I’m back to cars I met Roy the master of the show our game at my friend’s birthday party has been all fun and games ever since then the Porsche it’s all it’s my baby

I’m excited to see what the final part up is because I know he’s gonna pull up some special stuff this is an amazing Mondrian I love this that’s one of my favorite artists this is perfect Porsche should buy this off of me van Gogh Picasso my favorite artists

of course kick ass oh man and then we wrapped it all up with Basquiat and Warhol all at the same time this is gorgeous so are pieces that he put on there and some of my favorite and the Dali piece just took it over the top you killed

it this is a masterpiece this is the first the original and the only appreciate you my absolutely jack pulled up and the look on his face was priceless just like that artwork on that new Porsche gt3 we did a car now let’s go back to shoes let’s go

make some magic so I’ve barely got done in time with these Molly Moll sushi me shoes and hopefully he absolutely loves these things could I put a lot of work in the amount of time that I had we really really barely made it cos oh my dude are

you gonna see you you put me on that tight deadline I know you got that event tonight I got two events or two events you ready to see these things man you got a bocce tease me man I can’t wait for you to see him go ahead oh

my gosh Wow Oh dad these are saying [Music] yeah you got him dripping down go trip wow these are amazing I mean my throne maybe my throne let’s try these bad boys on there’s the KO in the Egyptian writing right on the front hieroglyphics pyroglyph trick it’s my

color man Wow look at that the IROC this is better than any stew I’ve ever seen in my life these are like kick Picasso’s or like deep in space right here yep did galaxy all through here yeah it’s like the universe watch stars mummy sets it off on

the thighs do you see that in front man what made you do the stripes like that that’s home it’s a Pharaoh’s headdress it was just an instant vibe that I got I mean look the Pharaohs head my arms look at that exactly the same well there is detail

like this these are so dope man you don’t say how about how about you for this I got like more precious yeah we’re good absolutely yes this is number one of many to come so he goes in like a 24 hours it’s just so good wow they’re crazy

on feed man man I love my shoes I feel like a little kid in Toys R Us with like unlimited gift cards I see you later man just barely made that deadline and I’m so happy that we changed from the Pharaoh into the mummy wrap putting that wrap

on there really tied everything in together now it’s back in the lab and on to the next project this is my dream what help the artist is younger made here one of the hottest rappers of all time I got cacao about to hook me up and he bout

to have my joints looking crazy I know he gonna make my stand out it’s gonna be unique it’s gonna be different it’s gonna be something that represents me so it’s only right I come here so stayed so man let’s get it nice to finally meet you all right

how you doing good good welcome to LA thank you for having so tell me a little bit about yourself I know you’re from New York yes yes from Brooklyn New York but I always say old over because I don’t like to rent one place my little Brooklyn as

a whole and I’m out here on the west coast Sunnyside that’s run trees yeah concrete to the palm trees I appreciate you coming in and I know you brought me some Air Force one Jesus about is New York is you oh yeah yeah yeah and you know we

called these two uptown stop down no doubt low top of towns right here census reissue in 1986 Air Force Ones have become the best-selling athletic shoe in history why is the Air Force one so important to New York like who made that popular jay-z to me honestly was

one of the first ones I’ve seen wouldn’t miss a picture hanging and Marcy projects where the check was actually not even like this it was like a small check those midsize with the strap so that’s I guess to be honest that’s when it played a big part in

hip hop and then white that’s right why is like classic classic so I say you got also know Steve’s we seized the one these are dunks actually it definitely got the same kind of silhouette all right and these are the Freddy Krueger joints cuz my favorite like horror

movie I’m a horror fan is the Freddy’s oh so you designed yeah yeah no doubt of course hey do you have any like ideas like off the top everybody no red is my favorite color red no dog your life to the fullest we definitely gotta have Brooklyn on

it but of course last but not least you know something that I carry with me every day is my brother my brother passed away back in 2009 oh no I’m sorry to hear September 26 so I feel like that’d be a big part of just who I am

as a person to have him my sneaker no doubt Brooklyn represents me my brother represents me represents me I think that’s what we need I’m smiling because I see this tattoo King King of Hearts right but look o my wife’s got queen of heart on her fingers so

I X had to clean a heart check that out we got a connect mic she had a right here whatever to know that she covered it up Oh Joyce don’t choice Bob I can already tell he’s about what he do I get so he’s definitely a big fan

of sneakers definitely cool guy but he know I got my shoes and great hair isn’t it so let’s get it so I got young amazed Air Force Ones basically keeping it clean and simple white and red which is what a young ma asked for New York is obviously

very important to yo you me and that’s why I wanted to be heavily represented in this shoe for her but I’m gonna ghost everything in so that we’re keeping the whole shoe red but we’re still having images all over the shoe that makes sense to her so what

I’m doing right now is I’m taking the laces out I save all my laces protip cuz you never know when you might need a fresh clean white pair laces young Yamane definitely has a love for the airforce one every time I see her on social media she’s wearing

these bad boys this says red but I custom-made this color it’s actually three different Reds I wanted young you may to have a special red that is bright and just gonna be eye-catching because you know that’s what I do you’re not gonna get this beautiful red anywhere else

there’ll never be another one until this bottle runs out for sure got to name the color young ma red there it is I’m gonna start off by doing the name Kenneth which is her brother’s name who unfortunately passed away she was very adamant about the fact that she

wanted to keep it mostly red you know she didn’t want a whole lot of like design and detail but then we got to talking more she opened up a little bit she was more like you know oh yeah the Brooklyn Bridge let’s do a corner store you know

make sure everything is very Brooklyn so we went basically an all red shoe into a more design aspect that means a lot to her you know me for my shoes but did you know that I’m all about clothing as well today I’m gonna take you back into the

mad scientist’s lab we’re gonna use bleach and we’re gonna use the pair of joggers to make something really new and cool hand bleached art we wanted to come up with something scary but also fun to wear so let’s see what comes out of us bleach will start out

as this rusty color but then it will slowly over time lighten up into this like cream color which is really cool this is just the face step two is to grab some fabric markers and some fabric paint and lay out my dark and light areas people have always

splattered bleach on clothing but I haven’t seen artwork in Bleach so it’s pretty new to me and hopefully new to you guys so as you see I’m just going back and forth between the bleach and the paint building depth building the character got a name this guy what

are we gonna call and top me out with that I’m just adding the final touches really cool to kind of see it come to life going check this out monster joggers we’re gonna name it Carrie makes perfect sense gonna head on over to young mas where she’s staying

while she’s recording her album and we’re gonna drop these all red Uptown’s I hope she trips out just like oh this is exactly what I wanted you excited I can’t wait I’m anxious and nervous all they warned there so let’s get to it go ahead let’s do it

how do you wanna touch it there I see my brother name in the Nike sign I like that it’s like a little hint of graffiti and then we got non 2609 my brother’s death date I got the city skyline right here then you got like a little blend

of the liquor stores on that you know this is the corner right here there’s literally the corner of the shoe that’s what was he making even more different this red is like perfect custom-made red just for you let’s check out the other shoes wait till you see the

other ones Wow see that smooth [Music] it’s the Brooklyn Bridge right here you see this you know it’s the booking branch automatically so that’s though and then of course that’s a rope mm-hmm so I love that is not too much man I gonna I expect it to be

like colorful on my name you barely gonna see the red but you made it so specific you kept it red but you still made sure it pop just a little yeah I knew that you wanted to wear this you wanted it to take selfie and you wouldn’t have

if it was some crazy you know and then so that was my main goal was to make make it something that you would be proud to wear right no I love it I just want to say thank you kakazu is deeper than just a pair of shoes as

a shoe that have a meaning to me that I can keep for the rest of my life I appreciate it let’s get it what a dope experience she loved the shoes that was so amazing to see her light up I was able to put everything that she asked

for the New York the Brooklyn everything about her brother just to be able to put that on there and keep it simple really hit home to her she actually told me she’s gonna wear these things on stage so I’m excited to see that [Music]